Diversity and Inclusion

Building a diverse organization has been a priority for Hall Capital since the firm’s inception in 1994. The core reason for this is that we believe diverse teams facilitate greater diversity of thought, allowing us to make better decisions and drive better client outcomes.

We believe a culture that embraces multiple definitions of success and multiple paths to achieve that success facilitates our ability to empower, motivate and retain a more diverse team. In addition to considering race/ethnicity and gender, we define diversity holistically across a multitude of factors, including (but not limited to) socio-economic and educational background.

We are cognizant that the demographic composition of the financial services industry in which we operate is far less diverse than the broader population. Against this backdrop, we strive to build an organization that better reflects the diversity of society at large. We aim to broaden our pool of applicants by partnering with organizations that have a similar philosophy and invite you to learn more about them as a way of getting to know us.

Diversity is also a key tenet of our investment philosophy and strategy. We build portfolios composed of managers with different backgrounds and investment strategies because we believe this diversification adds value to portfolios. An intentional approach to diversity and inclusion has the potential to strengthen decision-making and investment outcomes for the managers with whom we invest in the same way that we think it benefits our firm’s investment-decision making.

We are committed to further strengthening our internal approach to fostering diversity and inclusion as well as being an active participant in the ecosystem. An example of our commitment to community engagement and leadership is Hall Capital signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ pledge in 2017. The pledge is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.