Hall Capital serves as a full-service investment team for endowments, foundations, and other institutions. We work closely with each client’s investment committee or board to determine objectives such as return requirements, liquidity needs and cash flow projections in order to establish an appropriate investment policy statement and asset allocation strategy. We construct, monitor, and rebalance investment portfolios according to these guidelines, combining our own capital markets expectations with the specific objectives and constraints of each client’s portfolio. We continuously monitor risk against a number of metrics and discuss investment performance, themes, and actions at regular client meetings. Hall Capital views our relationship with each of our institutional clients as a partnership. We are transparent in all aspects of the investment process, accountable for performance and reporting, and available as an accessible resource to assist our clients on an ongoing basis.


The clients' names on this page are used with permission. It is not known whether the listed clients approve or disapprove of Hall Capital Partners LLC or its services. The list is a sub-set of our non-taxable clients to whom we provide full mandate OCIO services. It excludes a number of family foundations affiliated with family clients (whose identities we do not disclose without specific authorization) and a smaller number of public charities who choose to remain anonymous.